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Honeywrap (Starter Pack)
Honeywrap (Starter Pack)

Honeywrap (Starter Pack)

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Goodbye Plastic, Hello Honeywrap!

Beeswax food wraps are reusable, eco-friendly and natural alternative to plastic food wrap.

Honeywrap shapes around your food and dishes. Food lasts longer and tastes better when it's stored in Honeywrap because the beeswax coating allows the food to breathe, whilst staying covered and sealed.

The Kitchen staple. A three pack of Honeywraps with one of each size (small, medium and large). Includes a mixture of gorgeous fabrics. A great kitchen starter pack or makes a beautiful gift. 

Pack Includes:  1 x Small, 1 x Medium, 1 x Large

- Organic cotton blended with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil
- Made in New Zealand

Each Honeywrap is handmade, therefore there may be small variations in detail, size, shape and tackiness.