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Tsuki-Usagi Enamel Coffee Pot / Kettle (Black)

Tsuki-Usagi Enamel Coffee Pot / Kettle (Black)

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Tsuki-Usagi brand by Noda Horo

Simple, minimalist and beautiful!  Can be placed directly on the stove top (gas, electric and induction).

- 1.2 litre
- 22.5cm x 11.0cm x 19.5cm(H)
Enamelled steel
- Made in Japan

Hand wash only.
Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaners.
Wash and dry thoroughly after use.

Fill only up to 70% of capacity.
Never heat an empty pot.
Handle may become hot when in use.

The enamel is applied by hand, therefore there may be some uneven surfaces or imperfections. The product has passed the manufacturer's quality standard.


:: About Noda Horo ::

Noda Horo have been manufacturing quality enamelware in Japan for over 70 years. Their products with high standard workmanship and simple iconic design have been loved in Japanese kitchens for generations.