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Child Sheepskin Tui Boot
Child Sheepskin Tui Boot

Child Sheepskin Tui Boot

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Handmade using beautifully soft New Zealand sheepskin. Also known as the 'surfer boot' your little one will find this traditional lower-calf length boot easy to take on and off!

Sheepskin gives your feet the natural ability to breathe dispersing perspiration and odours along with the flexible and durable man-made sole.

Size Guide
Small: 3-4 years / EU25-27 (15.2-16.5cm)
Medium: 4-5 years / EU28-29 (16.9-18.0cm)
Large: 5-6 years / EU30-32 (18.3-19.5cm)

- Unisex
- Made in New Zealand

*PLEASE NOTE there may be slight variations in colour from that pictured as the result of natural variations in the sheepskin.